IMEX USA, Import Export and International distribution of High?Quality Aftermarket Automotive Parts and Equipment. Medley Florida.



IMEX USA is a Miami, FL based business, whose primary focus is the import, export and distribution for domestic and foreign market of High‐Quality Aftermarket Automotive Parts and Equipment.

We offer three different avenues to purchase our products: 1. The first choice is via a Dealer as they usually carry stock of the most popular models in their region. In addition they can give you the end user a closer personalized attention. 2. Secondly, we are building a global network of Distributors. Within their geographical area they  can assist with the sale of products in case we do not have a Dealer nearby. The Distributors are also empowered to growth the Dealer network within their territory. Should there be interested in becoming a dealer. 3. Factory Direct. Anyone interested is welcomed to contact our office and will be glad to quote any of our products. Should there be a Dealer or a Distributor nearby in your area your request will be forward to them for follow up.

We are your best aftermarket automotive parts and equipment supplies and business partners.


High‐Quality Aftermarket Automotive Parts and Equipment.





12601 NW 115th Ave A104, Medley, FL 33178
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