About Us. IMEX USA, Import Export and International distribution of High?Quality Aftermarket Automotive Parts and Equipment. Medley Florida.



Strategically established in the state of Florida IMEX USA is maintaining a service-based company where their #1 ambition is to continually exceed customer’s expectations, specialize in multimodal logistical and related support and solutions firm.

Speaking about Imex USA is to describe a flexible, expert, dedicated and organize company that serves both, local and international markets, As a part of our services, our first concern is always your ultimate satisfaction with your definitive loudspeakers. We go to great pains to make sure you get the best products and the best pre and after sale service.

Customer feedback helps us deliver the solutions they need. Using this feedback, we are developing new and exciting product lines.


As you probably know, manufacturers produce products and retailers sell them to end users. A can of motor oil, for example, is manufactured and packaged, then sold to automobile owners through retail outlets and/or repair shops. In between, however, there are a few key operators-also known as distributors-that serve to move the product from manufacturer to market. Some are retail distributors, the kind that sell directly to consumers (end users).

Others are known as merchant wholesale distributors; they buy products from the manufacturer or other source, then move them from their warehouses to companies that either want to resell the products to end users or use them in their own operations.


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